Let’s Encrypt has fast risen as a worthy option when it comes to getting free SSL certificates for your website. It is fully open source and supports virtually every major platform or domain name system out there.

Basically, Let’s Encrypt began as an open SSL / TLS certificate authority. Almost a year back, SSL certificates used to be mostly paid for (excluding the occasional trials). With the advent of Let’s Encrypt, the scenario has changed. All good web hosting providers, including many managed WordPress hosts, offer support and native integration for Let’s Encrypt. It works seamlessly whether you are hosting on NGINX, Apache or LiteSpeed. Plus, Let’s Encrypt certificates are supported and recognized by almost all the major web browsers.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days. This might seem to be a shorter period of time, but you can set your certificates to auto-renew, making them good for the life of your domain. Among other things, Cloudflare also has a single-click SSL feature that lets you serve your content via https as opposed to non-secure http protocol. Essentially, you need to route the traffic to your website via Cloudflare and turn on the SSL feature therein. That is all, your website will serve pages over SSL.

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This single-click SSL module of Cloudflare is even available on the free plan, so you do not have to spend even a single penny for it. Considering the fact that Cloudflare has long been a big name in the world of CDNs, it is obvious that its SSL offering is accepted and recognized by all the major web browsers and server clients. The same company that is behind Norton Website Security and other related products. Thus, if you are looking to foster trust or enhance the security of your website, FreeSSL might be fit for you as it comes with Norton Secured Seal and anti-malware tools.